How does it work?

LA Compare

A personalised comparison site, making selling relevant products easier.
Simply sign up and we provide a personalised page on our site.

  • Your logo.
  • Personalised colour scheme.
  • Seamless integration for customers.
  • Use our website or desktop kiosk options are available.

Our platform gives you a great base for selling products new tennants need. Send your clients to our site or offer access from your office through a kiosk.
Simply sign up and start selling to earn great commision rates.

LA Smart Window

Our Smart Window solution makes it easier than ever to book viewings and get people onto your website, to view your entire property portfolio.

  • Personalised colour.
  • Industry leading mobile technology.
  • Simple to Install (no wiring).
  • Increase website traffic and viewings.

Combine our smart window technology with LA compare to monetise your website traffic and its a double win.




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